History and Activities of the Society:-

During the early 1960’s a row of beautiful half timbered black and white cottages known as ‘The Pavement Cottages’, were demolished. The cottages were situated in a prominent location on the approach to Brewood and located at ‘The Pavement’ close to its junction with ‘Dean Street’. During the following years of the decade more old and valuable buildings were lost to development and the continuing threat to the historic character of Brewood caused like minded people to get together to form an action group to oppose such wanton destruction and vandalism in the village and so the ‘Brewood Civic Society’ was born and held its inaugural meeting on 29th October 1970.

The Society has gone from strength to strength with a membership today of almost 800 residents from a total adult voting population of approximately 3000, within Brewood Village.

The Society organises a number of events throughout the year including illustrated talks, walks, visits to places of interest, exchange visits with other civic and amenity societies, together with the hanging baskets and floral containers competition and the ‘Frank Dearden Awards’, the latter being a competition initiated by the Society in memory of our late President, Frank Dearden, to encourage the appreciation, awareness, involvement and participation in the village and its activities by our young people.

Not long after its inception the Society was instrumental in the village being designated one of the first three ‘Conservation Areas’ in Staffordshire. At a later date, a half mile section of the beautiful and picturesque ‘Shropshire Union Canal’ was also designated a ‘Conservation

The ‘Conservation Area of Brewood’ which incorporates some seventy three buildings that are listed, two of which are Grade I and one a Grade II*, has been reviewed and re-appraised by South Staffordshire Council and the Society has been fully involved in this important consultation process in the production of their new ‘Conservation Area Management Plan’ and ‘Village Design Guide’.

The Society acts as an advisory body to South Staffordshire Council on planning and various other matters concerning the village of Brewood and its environs. Her Majesty’s Government is in the process of reforming the whole of the planning process and the Society was involved in the campaign initiated by the Civic Trust to secure appropriate changes to the ‘Planning Bill’ to seek to ensure that the interests of the electorate were fully represented and protected.

The Society has been involved in the consultation processes, at all stages, with South Staffordshire Council for numerous new planning policy documents including the new ‘Local Plan for South Staffordshire’ which will replace the existing ‘Local Plan’ and incorporates a number of important and detailed policy documents, including the adopted ‘Core Strategy, 2012’ and currently the extremely important ‘Site Allocations Document’ (SAD), which will determine the future housing growth and its locations in and around the village of Brewood. We shall continue to ensure that the best interests of Brewood and its residents are properly represented in this consultation process.

We value highly all input from our members and would warmly welcome any thoughts and suggestions that you would like to make to us regarding both the activities and future direction of the Society, together with any information and advice that you would like us to publish in ‘Village News’.

The Aims of the Society are:-

*    To promote the heritage, character and historical atmosphere of Brewood Village and the surrounding area.

*     To present lectures, talks and films on conservation, historical monuments, canals, trees, etc.

*      To act as an advisory body to South Staffordshire Council on planning and other matters concerning Brewood.

*      Not to preserve village features just because they are old but to temper preservation with progress.

*      To be constructive and keep the village tidy and pleasant for future generations.

If you can help us and/or would like to join us and become involved with the work of the Society or would like any more information regarding its current and future activities, please contact our Secretary, Cathy Knight (Tel: 01902 851339).