About Us

The Jubilee Hall stands in Bargate Street, Brewood, at the centre of the village, just a few yards from the Market Place. 

The hall was created using the clubroom from the western end of The Angel Hotel, which was demolished in 1935, the year of King George V’s Jubilee.  F.G. Kirk of Four Ashes built the hall to designs by Lavender & Twentyman costing £2700.  The land had been bought from Butlers Brewery in Wolverhampton for £300.  This included the old stables and an old cottage in the yard. 

The Brewood Village Community Council was formed in April 1935 to establish a Village Hall for the people of Brewood to commemorate the Jubilee of King George V. 

The hall opened in January 1936.

Despite many changes and refurbishments over the years, Brewood Village Community Council has always strived to preserve the hall’s unique character, which makes it much loved in the village. 

The hall is managed on a day to day basis by a Site Manager, and Brewood Village Community Council meets on a regular basis to discuss pending issues, projects, entertainment and repairs.  Affiliated Groups also have a say in the running of the hall at twice yearly meetings, and at the AGM which is held in April each year.